Australian Plant-Based Food for People and the Planet!

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The vEEF™ brand launched in Australia in 2018 and the inaugural product, Smokey BBQ Burger Patties, quickly became popular with Australia’s vegan and flexitarian communities for exceptional taste and texture.

vEEF™'s CEO and Co-founder, Alejandro Cancino, is an internationally acclaimed chef so you can be sure that every product is delicious and satisfying.

As well as satisfying the growing demand for plant-based alternatives, vEEF™ aims to lead the charge for sustainable eating. Having launched the world’s first carbon-neutral certified plant-based mince in 2020, vEEF™ plans to take the whole company carbon-neutral in 2021.

As a local, Sunshine Coast company vEEF™ believe in locals supporting locals and are always looking for ways to partner with the amazing retail stores that stock vEEF™ products.

With a crispy outer layer and perfectly succulent centre, the vEEF™ “Chicken” Burger Patties are the perfect match for a
dollop of plant-based mayo, crisp lettuce leaves and a fresh burger bun.
Introducing the pioneering vEEF™ Classic Burger Patty–robustly flavoured and protein filled with all that wholesome goodness!
Whether simmered in a rich tomato sauce, served on a bed of spaghetti or nestled between two slices of bread, vEEF™ “Meatballs” form a show-stopping accompaniment to hearty and comforting Italian-style dishes.
Introducing vEEF™ mince–the world’s first Carbon Neutral plant-based mince! It’s incredibly versatile and can be shaped into patties, meatballs, koftas and more–the options are endless. This plant-based mince separates and browns when cooked and boasts a balanced savoury flavour.
As if by magic, in a hot frying pan, vEEF™ “Bacon” Bits transform wholesome, plant-based ingredients into crispy, bacon-flavoured pops that bring a powerful punch to your plate.



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