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The Lynchburg Merchandise Company originated in Lynchburg, Tennessee, and have been in business since before the turn of the century. They are our Family Owned and operated Businesses that were founded on the principal of providing our family, friends and customers with the Best Gourmet Sauces made with only the Finest Ingredients available.
Our Lynchburg Tennessee Whiskey Brand products ingredients all include Jack Daniel’s Black Label Whiskey for an additional Taste of Tennessee. Our products are slow simmer in small batches to insure consistency and keep the old folks family recipes the way they were meant to be enjoyed.
Let us help you make all your meals a Special Occasion for your family and friends with our award winning gourmet products. We are sure you will enjoy our mouth watering and flavorful products as much as we enjoy bringing them to you!
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Sauce - Hickory Smoked Bbq Sauce

SKU/Code: LB03
Brand: Lynchburg
Size: 454GR
Carton Quantity: 6

Sauce - Mild Bbq Sauce

SKU/Code: LB01
Brand: Lynchburg
Size: 454GR
Carton Quantity: 6

Sauce - Wild & Wicked Tipsy Wing Sauce

SKU/Code: LB04
Brand: Lynchburg
Size: 454GR
Carton Quantity: 6

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