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We are all about great tasting jerky products and old fashioned service. Lory and Malcolm have perfected their traditional jerky recipe to produce moist, tasty meat jerky in a variety of flavours.
Our jerky is made of thin slices of lean raw meat, which is marinaded in a mixture of salty, sour and sweet ingredients. This adds the moist and pleasant bite of flavour. The jerky is marinated with Asian herbs and spices for 24 hours and is air dried, grilled and sealed for perfection.
Our jerky has a long shelf life in an air tight seal and is best kept at room temperature. All of our chicken jerky, pork jerky and beef jerky is 97% fat free, and is a great source of protein, it is an ideal healthy snack for all occasions. Road trips. Before or after the gym. Camping or hiking. Parties or even to pop in the kids lunch box.
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Mallorys Tocino

Jerky - Beef - Original Safari

SKU/Code: ML01
Brand: Mallorys Tocino
Size: 40GR

Jerky - Beef - Super Hot Safari

SKU/Code: ML02
Brand: Mallorys Tocino
Size: 40GR

Jerky - Chicken - Butter Chicken

SKU/Code: ML05
Brand: Mallorys Tocino
Size: 40GR

Jerky - Pork - Original

SKU/Code: ML06
Brand: Mallorys Tocino
Size: 40GR

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