Product of Delacombe, VIC
The Springhill Farm journey began in 1983 when Ray and Jo Barber hosted kindergarten and primary school children for a sensory filled farm visit experience. Not only did the children get to collect eggs, ride horses, take a ride on the tractor and milk a goat, they also experienced the pleasure of farm style cooking whilst sampling Jo’s homemade muesli slice. Such was the enjoyment of the muesli slice that Jo began producing this product to sell, and the rest as they say is history.
Today, based in regional Victoria and with second generation family members James and Fiona now involved, the Springhill Farm tradition of beautiful baking continues. Our delicious range of finger slices, biscuits, rocky roads and gluten free products can now be enjoyed throughout Australia.
SpringHill Farm is brinning the gluten free community something easy and tasty to bake at home. Blended and produced in a dedicated gluten free kitchen, these versatile bread mixes are also free from dairy, egg, nuts and soy and can be used to make anything from pizza bases to hot cross buns.
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Springhill Farm

Rocky Road

SKU/Code: SH03c
Brand: Springhill Farm
Size: 12*75GR
Gluten Free

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- Chilled - Gluten Free
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