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Hemp & Be is a brought to you from the Monster Health Food Co.
Hemp is the original super food. Dating back around 10,000 years and legally available in Australia since November 12, 2017, hemp food products are the most nutritionally complete food. Hemp is vegan, gluten free and loaded with all of the Omegas plus up to 52% protein to boost your start to the day or as a great additive to any food throughout the day.
We use only 100% Australian grown and processed Hemp - the purest and best.
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Hemp & Be

Hemp Protein - Chai With Turmeric

SKU/Code: HB03
Brand: Hemp & Be
Size: 100GR

Hemp Protein - Chocolate Cacao

SKU/Code: HB02
Brand: Hemp & Be
Size: 100GR

Hemp Protein - Raw

SKU/Code: HB01
Brand: Hemp & Be
Size: 100GR

Hemp Protein - Vanilla Bean & Cinnamon

SKU/Code: HB04
Brand: Hemp & Be
Size: 100GR

Hemp Seeds - Raw

SKU/Code: HB10
Brand: Hemp & Be
Size: 100GR

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