Product of Ballandean, QLD
100% Australian Made, Gluten Free and All Natural.
At Lirah we aim to make “ingredients of Success”. We aim to deliver the purest and most flexible products we can.
The Lirah history:
Robyn’s family are 3rd generation Italian immigrants and vinegar is part of the natural mix of wine, food, and friends that Italian culture is famous for. So, like all good Italian families, they started a vinegar barrel or 2 to make their own wine vinegar. The vinegar barrels were started in 1969, the same year Ian was born. They were maintained, and used by the family for 35 years before Ian was granted custodianship of the barrels to begin a professional vinegar making enterprise.
All the red wine vinegars that we make come from the original vinegar culture, known as “The Mother” derived from the original family vinegar barrels.
Today, Lirah operates from a state of the art, purpose built vinegar making “winery” on Ian and Robyn's farm. Set amongst the vineyards we use to make our Verjus, it is an environmentally sustainable building where all our waste products are disposed of on our own property. Whilst the facility is modern and new, the vinegar making practices inside remain traditional using old oak barrels to age our red wine vinegars. It is a blend of the old and new, old methods and styles, but made consistently and professionally using Ian’s winemaking qualifications and extensive experience in winemaking.
Verjuice adds a gentle acidic touch to cooked dishes and sauces. When paired with a quality virgin olive oil and other condiments, verjuice provides a less acidic alternative to vinegar or lemon juice.

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