Produce of Toowoomba
Hand crafted jerky that 'tastes of Australia'.
Coming from generations of Aussie cattle farmers, Jim knows good quality cattle produce good quality steak! That's why all of Jim's products are created using only quality Australian cattle.
Jim and his team select only the finest cuts of meat skilfully hand slicing and spicing the steaks, then naturally drying the jerky to absolute perfection. It takes time... a lot of time, but everyone knows the best things come to those who wait!
High in protein, iron and other essential minerals. Low in fat. Gluten, Nitrate and Nitrite Free
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Jims Jerky

Jerky - Original

SKU/Code: JJ01c
Brand: Jims Jerky
Size: 10*50GR
Carton Quantity: 1

Marketing & Pos - Dispenser Box - Empty

SKU/Code: JJ50
Brand: Jims Jerky
Size: Each
Carton Quantity: 0

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- Chilled - Gluten Free
- Frozen - Dairy Free
- Organic - Lactose Free
- Vegetarian - Nut Free
- Vegan - Fodmap Friendly