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We are a wholesaler/distributor which means that our customers are other businesses seeking to stock gourmet food products.

If you are a retail customer (looking for products for your own consumption), we won't supply you directly but we'd love to put you in contact with one of our customers who can - hence please contact us to be put in touch with a local stockist.

If you are a wholesale customer and you wish to order from Total Gourmet, please see the information provided below.

If you have any questions, or aren't sure where you fit, you can always contact us and we'd be more than happy to help you!

The nuts & bolts of trading with us...

In order to establish you in our system, you need to complete our Customer Account & Credit Application form (Form 10).  This can be downloaded via our Downloads page.  You will need to nominate whether you wish to apply for a 30 day account (subject to approval) or whether you wish to trade with us on a prepaid basis.  Where an approved credit account is not in place, all orders must be prepaid (we will issue you an invoice once your order is picked and you will need to arrange payment before we will arrange despatch).  Payments can be made via credit card, direct deposit, cheque or cash.

We offer free deliveries to certain areas subject to our minimum order level being met.  Most customers don't find our minimum order level difficult to meet (particularly given our extensive range), however if you do wish to place an order under this limit then freight charges and a handling fee will apply.  Our minimum order level and our FIS areas are detailed in our Conditions of Sale included in our Customer Account & Credit Application form.

We prefer orders of full cartons, however we recognise that this can be difficult so we have a 3 unit minimum order.  We can accept orders via phone, fax, email, via your sales rep and, once you're setup as a customer, via this website.  Until you're setup as a customer you can use the website to browse through our product range however you'll notice that prices are not displayed.  Please contact us to obtain a full catalogue with pricing or return your completed Customer Account & Credit Application form and we can set you up and provide you with website login details.  If you're an existing customer and have not received your website login details, please contact us.

We apologise for any inconvenience you may feel with not being able to self-register for our online ordering, however we believe strongly in supporting our customers and believe it is important for us to control registration to ensure integrity of the wholesale channel.  Please contact us to discuss any questions or concerns you have with this policy.

FAQs and general info about this website...

We have a 3 unit minimum order - unless the product is sold by the carton (then the minimum order is one carton!).  Products that are sold by the carton have a 'c' after the SKU/Code (for example "AS100c").

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