Exclusive to Total Gourmet in QLD
Product of Highett, Vic
Australia loves Charlie’s Cookies!
Since 2004, husband and wife team Ken and Jacky have been producing glorious gourmet wholesale cookies for retailers and foodservice operators alike. With their commitment to creating the freshest and tastiest cookies every time, they have enjoyed achieving multiple awards and their goodies are consumed by corporate cookie fans, in the air on planes and in countless cafes and restaurants across the country.
The Charlie’s Cookies philosophy is that you should take your pleasure seriously and the company lives by that motto every day. Consumer feedback is prolific and unanimous … Charlie’s Cookies are irresistible, addictive and more-ish.
No preservatives or other nasties are added to the mixes and everything is made from scratch recipes. The company is BRC certified and proudly a 100% Australian made and owned food producer. Additionally, Charlie’s Cookies donates at least $50,000 worth of cookies every year to community groups, fundraising events and charities.

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