Product of Sunshine Coast, QLD
The Kenilworth cheese factory was established in 1950 by the Kraft corporation to manufacture bulk cheese. The factory was closed in the 1980’s when Kraft centralised their production, a move which left many in the local community unemployed. Along with the support of a local businessman several of the factory’s employees then purchased the factory which re-opened for business in September 1990 as Kenilworth Country Foods, a boutique, handcrafted, gourmet cheese factory.
The Cochrane family, dairy farmers in the region for six generations, recently purchased the Kenilworth cheese factory and it is now known as Kenilworth Dairies. The Cochrane farms provide the freshest, highest quality milk from their farms, a short distance away in the Mary Valley.
Product Max Shelf Life Information - Fetta 4 Months, Waxed Rounds 5 Months and Hard cheeses 5-6 Months.

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