Exclusive to Total Gourmet in QLD
Product of Griffith, NSW
Bum Hummers is the novelty range from Riverian Grove, where the name says it all.
Riverina Grove offers the very best in Australian grown and manufactured gourmet produce A passion for gourmet food and a rich variety of local produce combine to create Riverina Grove, Naturally Fresh!
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Bum Hummers

Bum Hummer Onions

SKU/Code: K29c
Brand: Bum Hummers
Size: 6*500GR
Gluten Free

Chilli Salsa

SKU/Code: K31c
Brand: Bum Hummers
Size: 6*220GR
Gluten Free

Goat Chasers (hot & Spicy)

SKU/Code: K35
Brand: Bum Hummers
Size: 500ML
Gluten Free

Tomato Relish

SKU/Code: K32c
Brand: Bum Hummers
Size: 6*220GR
Gluten Free

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