Exclusive to Total Gourmet in QLD
Product of Melbourne, VIC
Cacao is a privately owned company run by acclaimed pastry chef's Laurent Meric and Tim Clark.
Making sweet creations in Melbourne since 2003 and sharing our passion for fine chocolates, cakes, macarons and pastries throughout our Melbourne Boutiques.
Chocolate is a central theme throughout our stores, and its flavour and texture are explored in over 80% of our creations.
Guests may spend a lazy afternoon lounging in our cafe or simply pop into purchase their favourate creation.
12 months frozen shelf life.
For the macarons once thawed 6 day shelf life if stored between 5-8 degrees. 3 days shelf life if stored ambient.
For the Cakes thaw for at least 40 minutes before serving or displaying, and store between 2 & 5 degrees. Shelf life is 5 days from thawing.
Boxes do not include product, they are for retail purchases.

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