Exclusive to Total Gourmet in QLD
Product of Melbourne, VIC
Making sweet creations in Melbourne since 2003. Our team only sources the finest local and imported ingredients, from Belgian chocolate to Australian dairy, organic salt and locally grown nuts. Our luxurious Chocolates are hand-crafted and moulded to create a chocolate that is rich, velvety smooth and never bitter or dry. Working in the CACAO Chocolates and Patisserie kitchens are a team of award winning pastry chefs, including chefs Tim Clark and Laurent Meric.
Product Information - Macarons have a 12 month frozen shelf life. Once thawed have a 6 day shelf life if stored between 5-8 degrees or a 3 days shelf life if stored ambient.

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- Chilled - Gluten Free
- Frozen - Dairy Free
- Organic - Lactose Free
- Vegetarian - NutFree
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