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Huy Fong Foods is an American hot sauce company based in Irwindale, California. Beginning in 1980 on Spring Street in Los Angeles's Chinatown, it has grown to become one of the leaders in the Asian hot sauce market, particularly in Sriracha sauce popularly referred to as rooster sauce due to the image of a rooster on the label.
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Huy Fong

Sauce - Chilli Garlic - Small

SKU/Code: HF03
Brand: Huy Fong
Size: 226ML
Carton Quantity: 24

Sauce - Sambal Oelek - Medium

SKU/Code: HF11
Brand: Huy Fong
Size: 510GR
Carton Quantity: 12

Sauce - Sambal Oelek - Small

SKU/Code: HF02
Brand: Huy Fong
Size: 226GR
Carton Quantity: 24

Sauce - Sriracha - Medium

SKU/Code: HF10
Brand: Huy Fong
Size: 481GR
Carton Quantity: 12

Sauce - Sriracha - Small

SKU/Code: HF01
Brand: Huy Fong
Size: 255GR
Carton Quantity: 24

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