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The following list shows products that have been added to our catalogue in the last 6 weeks - shown with the most recently added products at the top.

Soup - Tomato

SKU/Code: FF105
Brand: Fresh Fodder
Size: 500GR
Gluten FreeDairy FreeRefrigerated

Baby Food - Cereal - Banana Rice Cereal

SKU/Code: OB31c
Brand: Organic Bubs
Size: 6*120GR

Baby Food - Cereal - Apple Porridge

SKU/Code: OB30c
Brand: Organic Bubs
Size: 6*120GR

Chocolate Blocks - Turnowsky Collection

SKU/Code: FN03c
Brand: Fantastick
Size: 42*100gr

Vinegar - Rose Petal - Limited Release

SKU/Code: LI033
Brand: Lirah
Size: 250ML

Baking Products - Coconut Custard

SKU/Code: NA04
Brand: Natures Charm
Size: 400GR

Bohme Mixed Box Promo

SKU/Code: BO14c
Brand: Bohme

Canned Fruit - Confit Jackfruit Large

SKU/Code: NA12
Brand: Natures Charm
Size: 510GR

Grand Reserve Vinegar - Sherry Vinegar

SKU/Code: LI064
Brand: Lirah
Size: 350ML

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