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From early years Rufus Teague had a real hankerin’ for good barbecue, but back in the day he couldn’t just run down to the local grocer and pick some up. Nope, and that’s exactly why he set out to concoct his own sauces and rubs. Turns out he was pretty darn good at it.
Lucky for us, his recipes live on and are still delivered in bona fide flasks. Every bottle made with the best ingredients and crafted with the same love and care that made ’em famous. Oh sure, there are lots of sauces out there… and some even taste alright, but there’s only one Rufus Teague, the BBQ legend who always said:
“Good sauce makes bad barbecue good and good barbecue gooder.”
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Rufus Teague

Sauce - Hickory Liquid Smoke

SKU/Code: RU20
Brand: Rufus Teague
Size: 148ML
Carton Quantity: 0

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