Exclusive to Total Gourmet in QLD
Product of Lilydale, Vic
Butterfingers is the leading brand for The Old Colonial Cookie Co, an Australian Owned & Operated company that was established in 1981 and produces their premium Butterfingers range in Lilydale Victoria, which is located in the picturesque wine growing region of the Yarra Valley ranges.
The company are specialists in the manufacturer of Shortbread products (including Gluten Free) and uses all natural Australian ingredients.
All products produced are Kosher and Halal approved, GM free and are also free from preservatives, artificial colours and flavours. The company has been awarded numerous accolades. All packaging is Australian made and supplied and is fully recyclable.

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- Chilled - Gluten Free
- Frozen - Dairy Free
- Organic - Lactose Free
- Vegetarian - NutFree
- Vegan