Product of Cheltenham, Vic
Carman’s – Real Food made with Real Passion! At Carman’s we believe food should come from the kitchen not the chemist. We believe nuts and seeds are good for our well-being. We believe in being Australian made and Australian owned. Our products are wheat free, high in fibre, Low Gluten or Gluten Free including a range of Gluten Free products. We believe that once you have tried Carman’s you will love it! They are certified Kosher with a Pareve status (ie do not contain milk products or milk derivatives)
Rounds, 1.2kg bags, protein bars and cranbery & blueberry nutbars are not in metcash.

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- Chilled - Gluten Free
- Frozen - Dairy Free
- Organic - Lactose Free
- Vegetarian - NutFree
- Vegan