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At The Gourmet Nut Company, we are nuts about nuts, but not just any nuts, only gourmet nuts, and more specifically gourmet coated nuts.
The Gourmet Nut Company is a specialist coater of gourmet nut products including macadamia nuts, almonds, cashew nuts, pistachio nuts, hazelnuts and pecans.
We only use the freshest, natural ingredients in the cooking of our nuts. We definitely do not cook our nuts in oil, ensuring the original, natural monounsaturated "good oils" in the nuts are the only oils you get.
They are all cholesterol free, gluten free, low GI and wheat free, so you are free to eat as many as you want.
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The Gourmet Nut Co

Nuts - Canadian Maple Cashews

SKU/Code: GN05
Brand: The Gourmet Nut Co
Size: 150GR

Nuts - Cashews - Honey Roasted

SKU/Code: GN02
Brand: The Gourmet Nut Co
Size: 150GR
Gluten Free

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