Introducing Elato Artisanal Ice Cream

Tastes Better, Made Better (for you and the planet)

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This multi award winning ice cream is made with real ingredients and is both smooth and creamy as well as deliciously rich in taste. The patented formula uses 30% less added sugar and egg yolks instead of chemical emulsifiers and creates a melt in the mouth experience. The perfect balance of taste, texture and satisfaction. Elato is also Australia's first social enterprise ice cream, creating supply relationships that focus on positive social impact, fair trade and sustainability and also dedicating 50% of profits to OzHarvest to facilitate joint passions of eradicating world hunger and good waste. Elato is on a mission to leave an aftertaste that lingers long after you've put the spoon down. Explore at and follow @elatoicecream on IG, fb and YouTube.

Ice Cream

Triple Vanilla

It doesn’t just taste of vanilla, it’s infused all the way through. Capturing the essence of real Madagascan vanilla beans from Vaniluxe and blending it with our deliciously smooth ice cream. You can be sure that every spoonful is rich in flavour that lingers, taking this vanilla to the next level of both taste and better for you.

Cold Brew Decaf Cafe Latte

It's the dark roasted single-origin Colombian beans that gives this ice cream its authentic coffee taste. It is made with cold brew to infuse flavour without bitterness and finished with the luscious creamy texture of a cafe latte but without the caffeine - for any time of day or night.

Fig Ripple

This flavour is perfect for those who love figs or exotic flavours. The creamy base of Elato’s decadent lactose and gluten free ice cream is perfectly balanced with the sweet and rich tangy fig ripple, creating a taste sensation that will leave you wanting more.
The Fig Ripple has been developed in collaboration with SisterWorks - an organization that supports and empowers migrant, refugee and asylum-seeking women. So, with every scoop of this mouth-watering ice cream, you'll also be supporting a great cause.


Vegan Dark Chocolate Truffle

Chocolate made from Solomon Islands premium cacao has a distinctive taste and this vegan frozen dessert puts that taste on a pedestal and raises it even higher with its smooth creamy texture. Chocoholics will be coming back for more.


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